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First Time Client $30!

Host a group of 5 or more, receive $5 off each tan!

Only 1 special may be used per transaction.



4 Tans $120

Expires 60 days from day of 1st tan used.

(Save $40)



Regular Prices: $40/tan


                                                                                   Student Rate 


Tanning Guide:

Before Your Tan:

  • Shower and exfoliate prior to your tan. We recommend exfoliating at ever shower for two days before your tan for maximum results. Use a puff and a PH balanced body wash. Body scrubs that contain oils and moisturized are ok – just not immediately before your tan – they leave a film on your skin and the tan can’t penetrate it. No need to scrub hard or excessively, just a nice even pressure. This prepares the skin and removes dead skin cells and reduces the patchy effect when the tan starts to fade. Tan also takes better to well exfoliated fresh clean healthy hydrated skin – keep your skin nice and supple and moisturized prior to your tan and always, especially after your tan! Just make sure you remove any moisturizer before your tan. Shower as close to your appointment as possible to ensure the minimal amount of dirt, sweat and other residue on your skin.
  • Wax and shave 24 hours prior to your tan – these things leave the pores open and can pool tan solution blocking pores and leaving the ‘speckled’ look in these areas.
  • Make sure skin is free from moisturizer, deodorant, perfume, make-up, oils and other skin treatments when you come for your tan.


  • When you first wash your tan off, keep the shower short and use no body wash, a short quick shower just to get the bronzer off is all you need. Pat dry after every shower, no rubbing. The bronzer isn’t your tan – it is just the cosmetic immediate tan look. You will keep developing and go browner after the first shower.
  • Avoid soaking in baths, chlorinated or salt water pools or spas and long swims at the beach.
  • Moisturise after ever shower and whenever your skin feels dry, avoid moisturisers that contain fruit acids as they naturally exfoliate the skin. Carry a light moisturiser in your handbag and apply at work to your legs and arms if the aircon is drying out your skin.

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