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Massages and modalities are tailored to each persons specific needs and requests.

30 Min Massage $35

60 Min Massage $60

90 Min Massage $90

Ear Candling $25 (2 Candles)


$55 per Year Individual membership fee

$75 per Year Family membership fee

All your visits for a year:

$39 1 hour massage

$69 90 min massage

What do I get?

Unlimited member rate massages.

Member pricing on all gift certificates.

Share your member rate with up to 4 people with the family membership.


No monthly commitments!

Easy 1 time per year member fee, then pay your rate all year long. 

No more coupon hopping! Your member rate allows you to stick with a therapist you enjoy working with, that can get to know you,  your wellness goals, and expectations. 

Insurance Now Excepted! Check your health plan ans see if you can benefit!

Moist Heat Packs $15.00 or 2/$20

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